Friday, June 29, 2007

Back home

Didn't I say I always come back from visiting Mum with at least one piece of old china? Well I did this time too except this isn't it. I wasn't allowed to steal this one so I just took a photo of it instead-beautiful romantic looking hand-painted wisteria.
It was COLD up there! And that's just not right. Still, it meant we got days like this one where the sky and sea merge so beautifully.

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Weezie's Woolies said...

It is cold up here isn't it?! This after I told my students that winter was sunny with blue skies, and absolutely beautiful! The weather has been totally reversed, with rainy, grey winter days...Melbourne like, one could say! Not that Im complaining, I enjoy any change!

Did you spend time with your bro and sis?

Really beaufitul plate! when does your pottery class start?