Monday, June 22, 2009

Winter garden

I'm quite delighted with the beautiful colours in my garden right now, despite it being the middle of Winter (21st was the solstice). The persimmons are divinely orange against what is a mostly grey sky, and the greens are somehow so much greener and any spot of colour just leaps out at you.
I've been reading Ursula le Guin again and she always helps me focus on the important things in beautiful orange persimmons.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Creative time poor...

Just love this collage by Emmanuel Polanco found on the always inspirational Dear Ada's blog recently. Although I'm a bit frustrated by not having enough time to create, the upside is I've suddenly been inspired after months of just being stressed about money.
Now I'm earning money and I just want to spend it all on film, ink cartridges, paint etc etc...typical cash poor versus time poor dilemma huh?
Still it is awfully nice to be able to afford these things again, and maybe even lash out and get a fancy haircut, as well as pay the rent and eat!!