Monday, September 29, 2008

Was ich im Herzen hab, das sag ich mit dem Munde.
Wer mein gesicht betracht, schaudt meines Herzens grunde.

What I have in my heart, that say I with my mouth.
Who looks upon my face, sees the bottom of my heart.

From a book published in 1694 called'The Revised Compendium and Engraving Booklet [with] hundreds of spiritual and secular heart seals/mirrors for a particular illustration of the Virtues and Vices presented and explained with hundreds of poetic conceits by Fabian Athyrus, devout in the praiseworthy Intellectual Arts'.
Discovered via Bibliodyssy- one of my favourite blogs.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been kind of lost in the world of Grant Applications for the last few weeks, spending almost all my time trying to collect all the bureaucratic bumpf necessary to apply for a grant to buy a water tank for the Northcote Community Gardens. Oh my lordy wordy it's a rigmarole, but I handed it in personally yesterday, so now we wait and see. You wouldn't think a water tank for a community garden would be such a difficult thing to obtain, but the world of bureaucracy obviously disagrees.
But Spring has sprung, and I am delighted to report that almost ALL my tomato seeds have germinated, plus my fancy French potimarron pumpkins (see photo) and even a few habanero chillis...yay! Cross fingers we get some decent rain soon to set them up for the growing season.

There has been no announcement of winners yet for the BSG photographic show, because they had so many entries they decided to take their time deciding and announce the winners on the closing night. My shots are (unfortunately) placed in the stairwell, despite me having them in there quite early for hanging- I think there's some favouritism going on about placement. But hey, they are up and they look good...and if you're prepared to risk breaking your neck as you come down the stairs you can get a great eye level look at them.
Thanks lovely Simone and Louise for your good wishes!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Talented Weezie

Here's my friend Louise's secret present she's making for me- how gorgeous is this?

Brunswick St Gallery show

I've entered these two pieces into the Brunswick St Gallery "Picture This" show which opens tonight- wish me luck!