Friday, July 27, 2012

create create create

Finally about to get some more balance in my life with a day less work a week (loud applause with cheering), and I'm determined now to revitalise my creative life.
I have recently rejigged my Red Bubble site and plan to get stuck into the Sketchbook Project 2013.
In a nice case of serendipity, I have also been invited to join a group show coming up soon too.
My tax return is already earmarked for a new DSLR (hopefully the Nikon D7000)and I'm feeling those creative juices stirring again.
Yay- about time too.
I know I'm a shocking networker and I hate Facebook so it's going to be a case of forcing myself to talk myself up and find some hutzpah that's been lacking for a very long time.
Hutzpah here I come.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday afternoon

It's been a cold Winter but it feels like Spring is nearly here thank goodness, and this afternoon I was able to actually sit in my garden with the sun on my face. I should have been working hard planting natives at my Community garden (sorry guys) but all the oomph just went out of me with the sun and I just plopped myself down and didn't move- much, just a bit of dabbling with the camera.
It's so nice to remember what it's like to do nothing but sit in the garden. It leaves space in your life for random thoughts and observations and just breathing. I like it.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Depth of Winter

My pinboard for July- a bit dark, but I'm loving the black inky cloud on watercolour paper. It makes a dramatic background for anything- including my dried gingko leaves.

On a more upbeat note I have just purchased some seeds for Spring and can't wait to grow a new (heritage) variety of tomato from Italy that Digger's have renamed "Granny's Throwing Tomato" after a cartoon by Leunig. Love it!