Friday, July 27, 2012

create create create

Finally about to get some more balance in my life with a day less work a week (loud applause with cheering), and I'm determined now to revitalise my creative life.
I have recently rejigged my Red Bubble site and plan to get stuck into the Sketchbook Project 2013.
In a nice case of serendipity, I have also been invited to join a group show coming up soon too.
My tax return is already earmarked for a new DSLR (hopefully the Nikon D7000)and I'm feeling those creative juices stirring again.
Yay- about time too.
I know I'm a shocking networker and I hate Facebook so it's going to be a case of forcing myself to talk myself up and find some hutzpah that's been lacking for a very long time.
Hutzpah here I come.


Anonymous said...

Hooray Hooray Hooray Ros

reb said...

Thanks Ros- you are my cheer squad!

Moving to a Simpler Life said...

Sounds fantastic!
My children have dragged me into the world of facebook - can't wait to see you there.

simone said...

Loud applause coming your way! Yah! Off to tassie for 10 days but will call you when i get back for some of that hutzpah!xooxxoo