Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It finally seems to be warming up a little- and after a cold winter and a recent tussle with the flu I am REALLY looking forward to Spring. My snowpeas are leaping out of the ground, my zucchini seedlings are valiantly resisting the snails and a few of my Granny's Throwing Tomato seeds have sprouted- so there is a lot to hope for.
Was it the evil President in "The Hunger Games" who said the only thing stronger than fear is hope? I'd like to think he's right even though he's a really scary old bloke.

I was very disappointed to receive an email recently telling me that the Sketchbook Project has cancelled it's Melbourne leg- so I won't get to boast that my art has been shown at the NGV, but I do have another group show planned for November and I'm looking forward to creating some new work for that.

The new camera is proving to be a mixed blessing- I'm not getting the best out of it as yet but I am determined to figure out it's mysteries, and it had a real work out on my recent trip to Woodgate ( where my generous family shared their flu with me) so I'm getting better. Ironically I'm also getting back into the lo-fi photography lately - that's a Holga shot top left- they're so delightfully random.

I'm not sure if anyone ever reads this, after all- it's not Facebook, but I find it a lot more satisfying than a  brief comment 5 times a day saying things like "Just had a great cup of coffee." The first time I looked at Facebook and there were all these short statements- I kept looking for the rest of the post thinking "That can't be it- what's the point?" but that was it. I still don't understand it, but I guess I'm in a tiny minority.
Happy Spring time to all of you who still read blogs!