Thursday, September 27, 2007

wool photos for Louise

Here's some of the scrummy wool I bought the other day... just to torture you Weezie- but you did ask for it! There's more in just straight colours, but I couldn't get the light right to catch their intensity. The best one is a lovely deep teale, which is just about my favourite colour I think.
I have been a feltin' today- and my arms are sore, but I think the results are pretty good. I'll show them when they're dry.

My Red Bubble tshirts have arrived and they are quite a good quality and decent print- I ordered them in the medium size which is o.k. but it's a fairly straight-up style of tshirt.
I also feel I need to slightly adjust "Look" girl's position on the tshirt, she needs to be higher- still figuring this stuff out I guess.

(So excited to have sold something from both Etsy and Red Bubble- I know Simone is my delightful benefactress on Etsy, but Red Bubble don't tell you who buys...but that could also be Simone..she's such a sweetie! Thank-you!)
P.S. I just checked your blog Simone, and it WAS you! You are too generous, but thanks again!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

found objects

I found this skeleton of a leaf/seed pod thing and it seemed to cast such divine shadows I was inspired to photograph it, and then when I saw how it looked on a pile of 1930's magazine pages I realized it could almost tell a story...or at least create a spooky atmosphere. The dead daisy even manages to be a bit creepy somehow...but sweet.
I think these'll go on Red Bubble.

Friday, September 21, 2007

photoshop fun

These are two recent shots I took and manipulated the colours to make them look a bit 1960's over saturated postcard-ish. They're also on my Red Bubble site along with quite a few's really addictive!
I've bought two of my own tshirt designs from Red Bubble and they're pretty good actually- even if I do say so myself. Still working out a few issues with placement on their template, I think the "Look" girl may be a bit low, but "Direct Sunlight" girl is spot on and I'm happy! Did I mention it's addictive?

more adventures in collage

Can't decide if this peony one is finished yet.... the label is from a vintage natural silk dress I found in an op shop- unworn! I really shouldn't wear it either so that it stays pristine, but I do and I like it.

More wood-grain, leaves and a bit o' silver. To etsy them or not to etsy them?...That is the question.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

cross kitty

One of my latest photos on Red Bubble- he/she is painted on a bollard near a very busy intersection that I walk past all the time. I just fell in love with it and needed to take it home with me........even at great physical peril to myself.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Op shop delight

I found these at a local op shop........need I say more? What a giggle.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

freidrich kunath painting

I spotted this stunning painting by Freidrich Kunath via dear ada's blog via designsponge. It actually made me breathe more deeply to look at it, the way I do when I walk onto the beach for the first time in ages. It was a relief to see something so simple yet so beautiful. I think I naturally have a very minimalist aesthetic but I get seduced by ornament and decoration...I guess because it's just so flashy and pretty. I suppose both have their place, and the trick is to know which direction to follow at the right time.

I've been burning with ideas the last few weeks but I think I've been too scattered to really get one thing done properly...time for a pause...and a bit of deep breathing.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Getting a bit better at it

Here's my new favourite image I have made based on an old 1920's or 30's ad- using Illustrator and Photoshop and one of my old textile designs for her skirt....I'm slowly getting better at it, I think.

Monday, September 10, 2007

some inspirational things...

from mothtoflame at Etsy
from dkim at Etsy

from nottoopink at Etsy

from kookylane at Red Bubble

Saturday, September 8, 2007

chinois moment

Having a Chinois moment...

Lovely fish from Pearlcassette etsy shop..

Letter press Cards from etsy shop ilee- gorgeous

Anthroplogie koi glasses- they don't ship to Australia..

Thursday, September 6, 2007

tshirt design

I've just put my first tshirt design on my Red Bubble site and have ordered one for myself so we'll see what kind of job they do! Exciting...lots of potential if it works out o.k.!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Etsy Exhaustion

Well it took me all day, and a lot of drama with pixels and so forth and so on, but I now have an Etsy shop, it isn't quite perfect yet and I can't work out how to make the damn thumbnails more viewable, but it's a start. I've only put two things on there so far but I'm exhausted, and getting serious mouse-using r.s.i.- time to stop and enjoy the sunshine.

fresh collage

I'm trying to work out what to put on my Etsy shop when I finally do it, and what format, price etc. to put on things. It's really quite hard, and I'd rather just make more collages, but this one will definitely be on it when I finally set it up.
I've decided to try to keep things quite small for ease of postage etc. and this one is only 12.5 cm by 18.5 cm on the off chance that I actually do sell something. I do find it hard to work within a set boundary pretty much every aspect of my life really...

Monday, September 3, 2007


There has been great excitement around here of late, because last week the Magnificent Mel Robson (of feffakookan) asked to swap some of my felty birds for some of her yummy ceramics. My answer, "Hell yes!" The deal was struck and ..shazam!....Here is the little birdy wall tile and little yella jug (front and back view) in all their deliciousness! Thank-you Mel.