Thursday, September 27, 2007

wool photos for Louise

Here's some of the scrummy wool I bought the other day... just to torture you Weezie- but you did ask for it! There's more in just straight colours, but I couldn't get the light right to catch their intensity. The best one is a lovely deep teale, which is just about my favourite colour I think.
I have been a feltin' today- and my arms are sore, but I think the results are pretty good. I'll show them when they're dry.

My Red Bubble tshirts have arrived and they are quite a good quality and decent print- I ordered them in the medium size which is o.k. but it's a fairly straight-up style of tshirt.
I also feel I need to slightly adjust "Look" girl's position on the tshirt, she needs to be higher- still figuring this stuff out I guess.

(So excited to have sold something from both Etsy and Red Bubble- I know Simone is my delightful benefactress on Etsy, but Red Bubble don't tell you who buys...but that could also be Simone..she's such a sweetie! Thank-you!)
P.S. I just checked your blog Simone, and it WAS you! You are too generous, but thanks again!

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simone said...

Yep it was ME!! hehehehe... my doll arrived today!! Thankyou soo much.. she's gorgeous.. and the address stickers are bloody marvellous!!!