Thursday, June 14, 2007

gothic roses

Yesterday, I checked out the place where I'll be doing my pottery course on Saturday (with Sophie Milne teaching -yay) and despite a few minor issues finding it and navigating trams etc. I eventually got there and am now really looking forward to it. I suspect my first efforts may be rather pre-schoolish, but hey, you've got to start somewhere right?

To celebrate that, and the news that I am FINALLY getting paid for some design work I did a thousand years ago, I bought myself a bunch of roses on the way home. I loved the way they looked in our dimly lit lounge room last night, and so I took some rather gothic photos of them. It's interesting how with some objects you don't really need to see them clearly at all for your brain to instantly recognize what they are...roses are like that.


Weezie's Woolies said...

The roses are lovely! Roses and gothic do go together well, I wonder if you could ta ke photos of other shadows of flowers with different tones of light....I dont know and warm red/pinky light and a hibiscus, it could work.

I took a look at your pottery teacher's site....I cant wait for you to get going. I also love your photograph...ever thought about going further with that?

simone said...

beautiful shot reb! can't wait for you to start your pottery clas.. Can't wait till we get going on our pattern rollers either!...
here are some phots
have had fun but can't wait to come home... 1 month is long enough to live out of a backpack!! aagghhh... want my own bed.