Thursday, June 7, 2007

family visit

Just got back from a last minute visit to see my family in Queensland- usually it's sunny and warm up there but it rained (hard) and it was even lovelier to see the rain come down when they need it so badly.
Visits to my family always involve me returning with at least one piece of old china- this time I brought back three! But this rose-bud plate I had to leave behind and so I took a photo much old china, so little storage space...sigh.


Weezie's Woolies said...

lovely hibiscus

Who from the family did you get to see? How are they?

It was beautiful to have the rain! And it brought winter with it!! Life here continues....still house hunting and dissapointed.

Im at home, gonna do the cleaning quickly and then get onto some crafts!

Anonymous said...

Great photos, love the hibiscus.
It is indeed sad about not having enough storage space to keep the china, but don't forget that some of it is mine.
Your loving sis....