Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red Bubble

I have just set up a place to sell my photos (as cards or prints), and will eventually add some T Shirt designs and other artwork at . I have set up a link on the top right of this blog to click on and see what's what.

Red Bubble is an excellent site based on the concept of artists submitting their images and the Red Bubble people doing the hard stuff like printing, packaging, sending, collecting money etc. yay! They even have an office in good old Melbourne, so there's a lot of Australian artists involved which is great.
I still plan to set up an Etsy site for my collages, but Red Bubble is perfect for photography and 2d stuff with the T Shirt thing as a bonus. Cross fingers it works for me!


simone said...

Great site! how did you stumble upon this one? Some beautiful pictures... can't wait to see some of your other work on this site!!!
About to hang my paper dolls proudly! love them, thanks again!

Mel Robson said...

Hi Reb, have you changed your email since getting all high tecky on the broadband? they keep getting sent back to me....