Monday, August 13, 2007


I had an "end of Winter, I feel blah" moment last week, and after spotting this image on I went and had my hair cut and coloured. Hairarchives is a very cute site and tells the whole story of the history of "The Bob"- highly entertaining.
I look a bit like this now, except I don't have a mirror glued to my cheek, nor a rose attached to my hand...but apart from that it's pretty close. Oh- I'm not in black and white either...well, most of the time I'm not. I do however have the tune "Yes Sir, That's my baby" running through my head...


binty said...

That article is entertaining reading, I think that style suits you I only hope you dont suffer a shingle headache ?? when the cold wind blows through the garden. Ros

emma said...

Hello Reb,
I always thought short hair suited you best! I would however, like to see you with a mirror attached to you face, many laughs from the image I have created in my head! em