Saturday, August 18, 2007

bird obsession

Seems like there's a huge bird obsession out there right now in the craft/design world and it's been going for quite a while. I am not immune to this phenomenon and have embroidered some more of my own little felt birds with the aim of turning them into a mobile...eventually. So here's the flock so a bit of inspiration from a new book I bought called "Decorative Bird Illustrations" from Dover Publications. It's packed full of lush bird illustrations, mostly quite Victorian and Edwardian in style and so very charming.


Mel Robson said...

beautiful! Aren't you clever!

reb said...

Thanks Mel, and Yes ....I can be awfully clever sometimes, no false modesty here.(We just won't mention those other not so clever times...)

binty said...

Those felt birds are fabulous the embroidery look forward to seeing them. Ros