Thursday, May 3, 2007

Spectacular Frida bag

I bought this in the markets in Oaxaca and although it 's meant to be just a shopping bag (like we use our pretty ugly green supermarket bags) I think it's very, very beautiful and I love it. Lots of shops advertise what they sell on the side of them with little drawings because a lot of people can't read, so this shows them what is for sale. The metro system (super efficient! and cheap as chips AND clean) in Mexico city is equally as sensible, with every station having a symbol as well as a name. I wish I could have bought something with all the symbols on them too- they were really well designed.
Form and function! Yay.

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simone said...

What a great bag! Bet there were lots of great little finds everywhere.... i am off to amsterdam in a couple of weeks for a wee little holiday! Woohoo!! Can't wait!