Tuesday, May 1, 2007

getting back into the groove...slowly

Here's some more lovely Mexican stuff:
I've found myself bubbling with creative ideas since I've been back but also- rather bizarrely for me, I've been very gung-ho with the domestic duties, and this has definitely delayed the creating.

Must have something to do with having been away from the domicile for so long- or maybe the absolute terror of being homeless that grips me sometimes when I read YET ANOTHER report on the massive shortage of rental housing we have in this country. It makes me feel like casting a cloak of invisibility over our house and hiding us away from people who like to "invest".

Anyhoo, on a more upbeat note, it's been raining and we've had lovely downfalls just at the right time. I feel very smug about getting my broccoli, broad beans,cabbages and garlic in just before the rain, they sure look perky now.

It's nice when people email me to say they've looked at my blog, but you know you can just leave a comment on here too! I'll take both!

I've half started several projects, and that pile of wool is sooo inviting, so I will post some more creations soon. (Check out feffakookan to see Mel's divine ceramics- she's intimidatingly good with a decal)

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