Saturday, March 3, 2012

Phew- what happened to February?

I've been flat out lately coping with a new job and as I am an old dog, learning the new tricks has been a real challenge but I'm getting there. As ever my biggest struggle is to carve out enough time to create as well as make enough money to eat- not easy. I so admire people who can put in a full day at work and then come home and make stuff all night! I just do not have that gene, and need a lot more energy and time to do anything productive.
But I can feel a lot brewing away in my mind and have even forced myself to do some drawing, which is fabulous for just disconnecting and getting into the zone.

In other news, after my last little Lumix F1 died a sudden, painful and watery death in Woodgate I purchased the F3 and it had it's test run in Merimbula in February. I was delighted with it- but I was a little nervous about killing it too, so I didn't take it fully into the surf with me, just plunged it constantly into rock pools. The battery/card door on the new model has a lock which the old one didn't have so it does make me feel a little safer. Here are some of my favourite shots...see- it's a pretty nice little camera!

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