Monday, April 27, 2009

Brisbane adventure

Just back from hot Brisbane (31 degrees!) where I had a whirlwind week-end visit for my friend's 40th birthday party, and returned to 10 degrees and gale force winds here in crazy Melbourne. It's enough to give a girl culture shock. I apologise to everyone I didn't get to see up there, but time was brief and there was a big 40th party to prepare. We did have a tremendous time at Fiona' 40th though- and danced the night away to such classics as "Tainted Love","The Love Cats" and who could forget "Electric Dreams"? (No matter how much you wish you could- you just can't get it out of your head). Terribly amusing for Fiona's 3 daughters to watch their Mum dressed in the height of 1980's fashion (and disturbingly similar to today's fashion)with leggings and an off the shoulder big shirt, bouncing around with her aged friends! And their dad was resplendant as the Karate Kid. This is for you Stefano...

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