Wednesday, July 18, 2007

emma's blogg and Jemima's camelias

I have been snapping some shots of this beautiful camelia Jemima gave me on the week-end, it fell off it's stem with a kaplonk last night, but looked so elegant sitting on my red velvet cushion.
Also I've added a blog to my favourites list- emma's blogg- because this lady has such stupendously good taste and finds so many stunning artists and things out there in the ether.
I am still impatiently awaiting my broadband connection, but once I have it I will set up my own little Etsy shop for prints of my photos and collages and whatever. I am really quite excited about that...


Anonymous said...

Great Photo beck.

simone said...

oh ah etsy shop!!! can't wait. Did you get the pattern roller reb?