Monday, April 2, 2007


Hola! Well here we are in Tulum on the Caribbean coast down the road from Cancun. We are swimming every day in ridiculously aqua waters (with even a teeny bit of surf occasionally) right next to Mayan ruins. Ben likes to say to me when we´re bobbing in the water- ¨hey look over there, aren´t they Mayan ruins?¨What a comic genius he is.
Palenque was absolutely spectacular too, and we stayed in a thatched cabana in the forest and were able to lie in bed and listen to howler monkeys in the trees nearby. That was pretty fine- plus we could sit outside and watch humming birds visit the banana flowers in the afternoon.
After the jungle we headed North to the large flat peninsula of the Yucatan and stayed at Campeche, a multi-coloured walled town thats history is dominated by pirate attacks, then went on to Merida. That´s where we took our very first (and LAST) tour to the ruins at Chichen Itza. Wow what a circus that was, and there were many, many Americans...many. The ruins were amazing but you felt a lot more distance from them than at Palenque- more like a theme park I guess.
We decided to give ourselves a little beach holiday after that and came here to Tulum. It´s been lovely but we´re off on a huge trip back to Mexico City tomorrow. We thought it best to be back there before Easter in case travel gets harder over that time.
So..only a couple more weeks till we come home!
Adios amigos and amigas!

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