Saturday, April 14, 2007


Phew! After over 40 hours flying across the world we are finally home, and what a lovely place home is too. My bed seems spectacularly comfortable- perhaps the best bed in the whole world?

Who knew.

After our 24 hour bus trip back to Mexico City from Tulum via Villahermosa, we spent a week discovering bits we'd missed the first time round, like beautiful Frida Kahlo's house and San Angel, and then Easter hit and everything just closed up. Mexicans head out of town at Easter so town closes down, although it seemed like every hotel was booked up.. go figure? That's when we decided it might be time to come home, and changed our flights to return a few days early. As it turns out, this was a very good idea because my sister told me Mexico had a 6.3 earthquake yesterday morning just North of Acapulco which knocked out electricity in Mexico City! So far no casualties thank goodness.

So now we're home and unpacking and sorting and just generally recovering.

I'll start putting up my favourite photos over the next few weeks but here's one to start which was taken as we were coming in to land at Mexico City ..a very familiar view to me now, I can tell you.

Thanks to the lovely people who left messages, they were so nice to see when I was finally able to find a computer to check them from!

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simone said...

Hoorah!! Home sweet home! So looking forward to seeing the photos..