Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New camera

Very excited and a bit scared of my fabulous new Nikon D7000. Haven't managed to get more than half way through the manual yet but I have had fun experimenting.(Click on the photos to get a proper view.)
So far the only thing that bugs me is that even though you can turn it off, the flash seems to want to pop up all the time, (and I hate flash photography) and I do need to get a macro lens. But it sure is a clever little beastie. This shot of Lefty was taken at night in our dimly lit lounge room with no flash, and the one of  nasturtium leaves was taken in very low dusk light on an overcast day. (Sunny days have been rare!) Neither have been fiddled with, and are straight from the camera- mind you there's a world of in-camera post production you can do which I am yet to explore. Yay!

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