Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Very excited about finally getting hold of some Speedball carving blocks! I couldn't find it, or the Staedtler version anywhere in Australia online, and then a supplier on Craftumi had some but it mysteriouly never arrived..mmmm.. so I got fed up. But miraculously Seniors Art Supplies in the city had some (thanks Shelley!)and I have now become addicted to the stuff! It's incredibly easy to carve and prints beautifully with just a stamp pad, the possibilities are endless!

I started with my drawing of a bee (my continuing obsession)on tracing paper- which I simply transferred by rubbing onto the block, then carved away with my trusty speedball carving tools...it really was terrifically speedy! So I also knocked out an R for good measure.

Now I'm stamping bees onto everything.


Ilona Nelson ~ Illy Photography said...

I love ze bee!
I wouldn't mind having a play with those carving blocks one day too :)

Shell said...

Your bees are so cute!

Adriana Christianson said...

Love the blog,good work!
Those carving blocks look like amaaaazing fun,are they rubbery & soft ,rather than the old lino hard & 'slip with that carving tool & slice yr finger '?..*shivers*..

reb said...

Thanks Adriana- and yes they are lovely to work with, very soft and easy to carve and nowhere near as terrifying as the old, hard lino blocks or even the newer more plasticy blue/green lino blocks. They are more like an eraser in feel. I love 'em!