Saturday, January 1, 2011

Everything will be alright

While collapsed in my butterfly chair last night looking at this sky, and recovering from a soul destroying couple of weeks at my retail job in a nightmare of a shopping centre, I made some (familiar) decisions.
Every year I wish for more time to make things and less time spent doing stuff that seems pointless (apart from paying the rent)and this year is no different. But every year I also get a bit better and focusing on what makes my life worth living, i.e. art, gardening, travelling and spending time with my loved ones and eating great food, so this year I am getting even more fierce about making time for those things...even if the greedy landlord ups the rent!

So if anyone else out there feels the same way, take heart, you are not alone and somehow we will make it all happen.
Happy (and I really mean that) New Year!

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Mel Robson said...

Hi reb,
a beautiful sentiment. I really needed that today!xo