Monday, October 25, 2010

Mini rant about Halloween

O.K.- I'm pretty much a pagan and my birthday falls on the 31st October, so I'm all for celebrating the seasons, but hear me fellow inhabitants of the Southern Hemisphere! Now is NOT the time to celebrate Halloween- we are in a glorious Springtime- one of the best we've had in over a decade- with rain and daisies and butterflies and fruit trees in blossom and fertility-what on earth are you doing trying to celibrate Autumn and the harvest festival now?
Quite frankly- it's ridiculous, and more than a little embarassing..don't you know where you live?
Please don't do it.
We can do all of that in our Autumn when we can actually go and pick the pumpkins from our own backyards- not now when the only pumpkins you'll find are ancient and their seeds ready to be planted not harvested!!!!
Think about it...and revel in the sunshine and smell the jasmine...and go plant some pumpkin seeds.

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