Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Snazzy little box

Today is freezing cold- and I mean cold -like 8 degrees inside the house at midday cold- but I've had a lovely time making this box for Jemima's birthday.(Very belated-sorry Jemima!)
It also does contain something, but I can't show you that because Jemima hasn't received it yet.
I put the heater on high, shut the door to my little room and began painting and cutting and gluing happily away until suddenly I had this snazzy little box in front of me. The lid features a 60's or 70's style hankerchief I found the other day at a great little local collectibles shop. (It was probably printed much later than that, but who knows?)I'm really loving the colours with the ribbon trim and the little modelling clay heart I made and stamped with a J.
Sigh- such small things but they bring such a feeling of joy!
Happy Birthday lovely Jemima.

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