Friday, June 25, 2010

Australia's first female PM

Well, I know she wasn't voted in by the people (yet) and I know it was a fairly unpleasant way to gain power, but by golly she's a real woman, not a pretend man, and Julia Gillard is our first female Prime Minister!
I also know a lot of younger women couldn't care less, (which saddens me) but I care...deeply, and I always have, and I'm very very excited that this day has finally come... and I'm alive to see it.
Women are finally finally being allowed to lead this country. Of course she may stuff up- but hey- no worse than the men huh?
Congratulations to all those women who have worked for this for generations. You are spectacular.
The young ones may not get it, but I suppose that in a way that's the point isn't it? We almost want them to just expect this to happen, and to see it as no big deal?
I just wish they could appreciate what has gone before a wee bit more.
Yay for us!

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