Tuesday, November 10, 2009


How beautiful is my new butterfly chair cover? With the extreme heat we've been getting lately (and it's not even officially Summer yet!) this chair has been getting a real work-out.
The tomatoes appear to be loving it (the heat that is, not the butterfly chair), but who knows, maybe tomatoes appreciate good design too? They would certainly appreciate the colour.
(For those of you who have been to my house and think there is something wong with this image, it's because as a ttv shot it's reversed, and I kind of liked it this way so I didn't flip it, who says I'm backwards?)


Anonymous said...

That looks heavenly! (I don't always reverse my TTV's - sometimes they look better the wrong way around) ;-)

Weezie's Woolies said...

How beautiful is your garden!! It's like my dream garden! The chair is very nice too. Did I have the Tin Tin agenda while in Warmington st?! Doesn't W seem like a life time ago?

Cool Rider said...

The chair looks fantastic - I've been trying to find a replacement cover for mine, where did you get yours?

reb said...

A wonderful woman in Sydney makes them to order- not cheap but fabulous quality! Her business is called Muu Muu designs and should be easy to find on the web.