Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Argoflex 75

Received my seriously adorable Argoflex in the mail the other day (this isn't it- but it looks like this) and thanks to my return to part-time hours (finally!) I spent most of today playing with it- here's a sample...still got a lot to learn about the "Through the Viewfinder" technique, but so far...lovin' it!


simone said...

cool pics! looks like a fun camera. Is it kinda like the holga? xoxo

reb said...

In a way it is like a Holga (being a large format film camera), but the film it takes is no longer made, so I'm shooting with my digital through the very large viewfinder on the Argoflex 75 to get this look. Tricky but fun!

Anonymous said...

Not exactly. The film the camera uses, 620 is still available from specialty sources. BUT the cheaper and much more easily available 120 film can be used as well. You will have to respool 120 onto the 620 reel, but that is trivially easy in the darkroom or with a changing bag. ;-)