Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Necklace

Imagine my delight when I went out yesterday morning to check on my "babies" and found they all had beautiful necklaces of dew drops.
I've been unpleasantly busy lately, what with grant applications for water tanks for the community gardens, and sending off a bunch of new doll collages to Leeloo in Sydney (they should be up on Leeloo early next week)..but I think things are slowing down now so I can get back to my normal slow paced life...this is a good thing!
For those who asked, I didn't sell anything at the Brunswick St Gallery show, but was one of 40 out of 320 artists invited to have a solo show next year if I wanted to. Unfortunately I can't afford to do that at this stage, but it was rather nice to be invited I must say.
I'll post more on the Leeloo things next I'm off to figure out what to wear to a Fairy Party tomorrow!

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