Monday, July 7, 2008

Mid-Winter loopiness

Well,I have just received yet another another lot of news and images from another one of my so-called friends (Anna) living it up in the sunshine and warmth of...wait for it..the Greek Isles.
Note that I say the Greek 'Isles' not just plain old Greece, because the level of pain and envy these images have inflicted on poor shivering little me, requires the use of the word "Isles"...a far more romantic and seductive word.

I'm sure you meant it for the best Anna, and I know you deserved a wonderful holiday in the Greek Isles and I am grateful for you sharing it all with me really really I am.
It's just that I am currently gazing out of my window at freezing dark grey clouds, rain and bare branches.
Sigh. Of course this has now sent me around the twist and here is the photographic evidence to prove it. I call this "Wish it was Spring...but it's not".
Never fear, in 6 months I will have my

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