Monday, June 23, 2008

Cold cold cold

I do love living in Melbourne, I do, it's just that about now every year- Winter Solstice- I get jack of it. I crave sun, warmth and beach. Sigh.
But still there is something quite lovely about snuggling into flannelette sheets (with 2 doonas on top) and reading a book in front of the gas heater with a glass of red wine (the bottle having been placed in front of afore mentioned heater for at least 30 minute prior in order to reach a drinkable temperature).
Of course it doesn't help when your so called friends and family send you postcards from either;
a) scuba diving holidays in Vietnam, or
b) relaxing beach holidays in the Dutch Caribbean...not even the plain normal, garden variety Caribbean.
or C) my own Mother in Darwin enjoying a bayside drink in a sleeveless top- as if it's warm or something.
I know they think they're being kind- well, I think they are being kind.....
No but seriously guys- keep 'em coming, I can take it.

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