Monday, March 31, 2008

Talking to myself...

...but that's o.k.
It's been a weird stressful week or so for a variety of reasons, one of the big ones being the de-sexing operation on little Lefty. She has a bunch of nasty stitches and a plastic funnel on her head, it's horrible. Can't wait till she can get those stitches out- only 4 more days to go...hopefully.

Lots of creative impulses, but not sure where to start to make them happen. Nice to see my "Grow" collage has had so many views on Etsy. It can be so intimidating to see all the amazing work other people have out there on the internet, but inspiring too. I wish I could stand the idea of "selling myself"- self promotion just is not my thing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Reb poor lefty Hope she gets over it quickly.Thanks for the email re harvest festival would like to go but this week is busy only have Saturday. Thanks for the advice the other day put 3 scarves and 1 bag on the stall and sold the bag much to my amazement, yes self promotion is hard. Ros