Monday, October 8, 2007

If you are a tenant, just shut up and pay the rent.

Finally we got hot water back on Friday- that's 5 days with no hot water. When we asked to negotiate some discount in our rent for that time due to their failing to meet their obligations to us, we were told that our Landlord would just put the rent up. So basically shut up and pay the rent or get priced out of the property.
Thanks for that.
Where on Earth is the incentive for us as tenants to maintain the property and treat it with respect if they have abolutely no intention of treating us with respect and fulfilling their side of the bargain- i.e. a functioning bloody hot water system!!!! Honestly if you had seen this place when we moved in and how much we've done to improve it....They are Nasty, Nasty people...and there's a reason why throughout history Landlords have been hated and feared.
O.K. Rant over.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable...and yet , no, very believable. Obviously the rent should go up as the place is so much nicer now.
Not the same thing I know, but we have just resigned our lease and the bastards(ie the real estate agents) have claimed FROM US an extra 52.88 pounds for paperwork!!!!!! In what universe should the owner not be the one responsible for this?

simone said...

i totally agree!! same thing happened here and when we asked for a discount in rent, we got a big fat no!!! We didn't even have a shower.. the water system was so damaged they had to break into the wall of the shower to fix everything... and no compensation nothing! They (landlords) are greedy nasty so and so's..

reb said...

Well, at least we're not alone!Hang-on, that's actually no comfort at all...

Weezie's Woolies said...

Hi hate to say this......we dont know the owners of this apartment, but the manager is great!! Have repaired things and not charged us!!!

They have also helped us out with other things too.....ohhhh like me locking myself out on Sunday morning!!

Anonymous said...

Well, they're not supposed to charge you for repairing the things you PAY rent for!
I am glad they fix stuff for you though, maybe there is hope for the world.