Friday, March 16, 2007


Well, hola here I am in Oaxaca writing this after FINALLY figuring out how to make the @ symbol on the Spanish keyboard. We've managed to find a beautiful place to stay with a courtyard full of tropical plants and our little apartment has an upstairs and downstairs and Mexican decorations everywhere, including murals in every little nook and cranny.
Mexico city was full-on and crazy but fascinating as well, but I have to say I love this place more because it's so gorgeous and accessible in a more small town kind of way. Colour and bouganvillia everywhere- and music and exotic food too.
Trying not to go crazy with embroidered tops, whacky bags made from vinyl tablecloths and paper cut decorations-just can't carry too much more!
Anyway' we'll be here until Monday in our lovely little casa and we'll go and see the ruins of Monte Alban tomorrow.
Asta luega chicas!


Ros said...

Hi Reb glad to hear you are enjoying it.Sounds fabulous.It rained last night Am felting madly. Ros

Fiona said...

Sounds wonderful - I'm completely envious!

reb said...

Still struggling to add posts due to an ice-age slow computer, but now in san Cristobal de las Casas in the mountains and it's lovely-cool but very pretty and almost Bolivian in feel.
Thanks for the comments, always nice to hear from you all.