Thursday, February 1, 2007

time passing

Just saw some photos from a school reunion I didn't attend, (thanks Fiona), but man have they made me feel OLD! How on earth did time pass so quickly?

As the Buddha says,

" Thus shall ye think of all
this fleeting world
a star at dawn, a bubble
in a stream
a flash of lightning in a
Summer cloud,
a flickering lamp, a phantom,
and a dream."


simone said...

check out these shadow boxes!! oh my!! sooooooooooo delightfull!!!

simone said...

tried to add you to my favourites list on my blog, but it won't let me... not sure what is going on?
check out twostraighlines blog and the beautiful leaf prints you can download for free!! Fabulous

simone said...

To add your fav. links, just go into the set up section of your blog,, customize i think, and then you choose the layout that says you want to add links etc.. let me know if you can't figure it out.